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We did the DST switch-over recently, which is, of course, accompanied by some ranting on my part. Personally, I like it when, in the case of event A preceding event B, the time at which event A happened is before the time at which event B happened. You know, causality and other space-time continuum issues...

So did this mother. Heh.
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Related to my previous post, I would like to use MySQL++ as an counter-example: it's "result set" object does not have a "no more rows" method, it simply throws an exception when it is at the end.

See, this is a good example of something that is not exceptional at all.
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As it turns out, this year's change in the implementation of daylight "savings" ended up not saving anything, and actually just causing extra annoyance. The US Congress seems completely taken by surprise by the fact that changing the time does not magically create more sunlight. That extra hour in the evening, scientists and the Department of Energy reminds them, is actually offset by an hour less in the morning! Imagine that!

Seems like there is not even a measurable energy savings. If anything, the biggest impact of the daylight savings change is that a bunch of computerized gadgets needed to be updated, and people with their Blackberry and Palm not being sure if the time was adjusted (some changed the time manually, only to have it change by another at the old switch-over date, for example).

Down with daylight savings! End the madness!

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