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I was sleeping so well tonight, huge thanks to [livejournal.com profile] azrhey, who has the unenviable task of waking me up. I'm feeling like a burden at times, but really, it should be my own burden, having to get up at such inane time in the morning. I remember being sitting in the bed, eating my cereals, drinking my coffee and staring at the digital clock on my computer, and I could have swore the minutes went by more than one at a time, the time shifting from 8:02 to 8:07 in a single jump, seemingly... I feel I rely too much on coffee, these days, I'd like to have it for its taste, rather than because I'm a useless zombie.

I was biking to the train station, crossing the St-Michel bridge, and the Garonne was quite full, with the dam having water rushing over it and ducks frolicking in the shallow water over the lawn just upstream from the small locks. I keep thinking that I should take my camera more, and I keep forgetting (just like I keep forgetting to inflate my bike's tires, as well).

I think it's time I develop some sort of social life. I've been rather lucky with the people I hung out with in Montreal, being with the like of published fiction authors, craft artists, scientists in a few different fields, musicians, singers, photographers, entrepreneurs, accountants, DJs, comedians, actors, playwrights, parents, politicians, philosophers, tattoo artists, and who knows what else, coming from all sorts of countries, many of them well-traveled and worldly, a significant number of them having alternative lifestyles, many different religions, etc...

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