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Went to Mulligan's yesterday with the lady [livejournal.com profile] azrhey, hoping to play their quiz. Turns out that it starts at 23:00 (otherwise known as my bloody bed time, these days), and that [livejournal.com profile] azrhey's Black Velvet was all mixed. Oh well, it was otherwise nice, but I'm left to wonder how are people expected to stay up that late on week nights? A nap after dinner and head over there sometimes between 22:00 and 23:00? Hmm, maybe a plan...

While I like it, I find that I like more the atmosphere of the rue Pargaminières, around the Place St-Pierre and such. It reminds me a bit of the terrasses on St-Denis, or of Grumpy's. Which reminds me how much I miss meeting and hanging out with people. Where are my gay friends, those with otherwise odd lifestyles, the novelists, the playwrights, the artists, the hackers?

I have this weird situation where I'd like to hack very much, but when I get in front of my computer, I just flounder. I have a technical post in process on my laptop that's been going on for almost a week (it's not even that long!), and a corresponding bit of C++ that should be quite small, but seems like I just watch television instead.

At least, it's Torchwood, which I find cool. Rather different in flavour from Doctor Who, but it's got the quite hot Captain Jack Harkness as the main character, which I find very interesting. He's flexible.

I found a scheme for varying the music I'm listening to without doing so at the total exclusion of some of my favourites. I simply make a smart playlist that omits the artists listed in the top 10 of my weekly top artists. I might tweak this, but the idea is that I have too much of some bands in my list, so statistically, I end up listening to more of those, while I actually listen to individual tracks pretty evenly.

It's just striking me that I when I bought an album of the Colocs, I was remembering cheerful music, but I picked up their more critically successful final album, from just before Dédé Fortin committed suicide. Not exactly it. :-P

Bleh. Entertain me.
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