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Went to the Montreal Pride Parade last Sunday, which wasn't all that much to speak of, this year, in my opinion. There were some good floats, but they were few and far between, and there's a lot of ads, it seems. Some of them have a decent float, like that bank one, but some were so utterly boring and out of place, it was stunning. There was a juice ad, and really, there's no other way to call it, that was just one of those trucks with ads on the sides. That's it. Nobody walking along with it giving out samples or flyers, or even just waving, and, you know, being alive. Nope, just a guy driving a truck with big signs on the side. Nice. Thankfully, the company was much nicer, and [livejournal.com profile] liberation_now led us through some very nice alleys, good to know!

I also found out that my awesome new mini U-lock is only bare millimetres too small for those parking markers that replaced parking meters. The problem seems to be that plastic covering. Argh. But I think this is still vastly good in its lightweightness and ability to fit easily in my mini-messenger bag (or my jeans back pocket, in a pinch). It works just fine with "no parking" signposts, and there's no shortage of those around Montreal. ;-)

The after-parade barbecue at [livejournal.com profile] archdiva was much more fun than the parade itself, in fact. Met some fun people from as far as England, and apparently managed to have a conversation about where Ubuntu is going these days. The latter doesn't sound very surprising for me, but considering the locale, it was rather unexpected. There was burgers, and as per [livejournal.com profile] archdiva's requirement, big fat sausages.

I spent most of Monday cursing at the sky for being so sunny when I had left my bike home because of severe rainstorm warnings, but no worries, I got the rainstorm all right by the end of the day, just as I had to walk home with a heavy piece of hardware. How convenient!

But the weather was good yesterday (even took some detours, blazing down University and taking in the view along the Lachine Canal), and it looks very promising today as well!
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Bon, il ne reste même pas une semaine avant notre départ! Et il y a un peu plus d'une semaine, je quittait mon travail.

Quelques jours après, mes collègues m'ont invité à un BBQ, et j'y suis donc allé, pour me faire dire qu'ils étaient surpris que je suis venu, parce qu'il paraît, "je ne viens jamais". Euh, c'est le deuxième BBQ qu'ils organisent dans l'année que j'ai passé là! Et effectivement, je n'était pas allé à l'autre, mais bon... On a fait voler les bouchons des bouteilles de cidre, littéralement, mangé des saucisses et des brochettes, c'était excellent. J'ai compris pourquoi les français mangeait les cuisses de grenouille, il y en a plein et c'est très bruyant!

Vendredi, on est allé assister à notre dernier Toulouse Carnet, exceptionnellement au Carson City. Beaucoup de nourriture, la "Arizona potato" était très bien, mais le chili con carne était d'une tristesse... La disposition des tables laissait un peu à désirer, mais on s'est ensuite déplacé à la Prairie des Filtres pour s'installer plus à notre aise, et ainsi discuter de bières possible et autres sujets hautement intellectuels, éclairés par la lueur des flashs photo. Oui, j'ai plus de sacs que [livejournal.com profile] azrhey, c'est vrai...

Dimanche, nous sommes allé souper avec un de mes ex-collègues. Je voulais aller à la "pizza des fous" (aussi connu sous le nom de La Pastasciutta), mais comme c'était fermé (comme la plupart des fois où j'ai tenté d'y aller, donc j'ai l'habitude), nous somme allés à un autre resto pas trop loin, d'où nous avons pû observer l'averse diluvienne, juste au bord de la fenêtre ouverte (sous l'auvent, tout va bien!).

Ça tout contrairement à Alban, qui avait laissé son Velux ouvert, ce qui ne nous a pas empêché de prendre une petite bière mardi, tout de même, mais bon, dehors, hein? ;-)
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"What, do you have the whole collection?" — [livejournal.com profile] tygrbabe, after seeing I had my smaller Frida bag instead of my usual (because of my laptop) Fred Cocotte Equipment courier bag.

Yeah, I'm a yuppie bag-whore. And she hasn't seen my collection of Lowepro photo bags (I own no less than four!).

I like having the exact bag for the occasion and the equipment I'm carrying, and I enjoy attention to detail in the design of those bags. And I have to say I am not impressed at all by laptop bags in general, but most particularly by the appalling almost complete lack of bags designed for compact laptops (like my Apple Powerbook 12").

Dudes, I bought a small, easy to carry laptop. What the fuck would make you think I'd want to carry it around day-to-day with a large, clunky bag I could carry half my wardrobe in? The only non-stupid bag I found was just about exactly the side of the laptop, with no capacity whatsoever for anything else (like, um, my wallet, keys, or sunglasses). I can respect a minimal bag like that, can come in handy, but it's not a day-to-day thing either. I ended up hacking something, by putting that minimal bag inside my Fred courier bag. Pretty decent, but not perfect (the handles get in the way often, a double-zipper is a bit overkill for an internal pocket, and it moves around easily).

Well, turns out these smart bags exist, they're just a pain in the butt to find out about (thanks to Tim Bray for recently writing about that). Crumpler is somewhat well-known, but I've only seen their models for photo equipment or larger laptops in store (they also have one mighty offensive web site, if you ask me (which you didn't, I know, but too late!)). Tom Bihn is a new one to me, but seem to have pretty cool wares. RoadWired also had some decent offerings, but didn't catch my eye as much as the others.

Now, that's fine and dandy, but why do I learn of this, a) when I already got some kind of non-horrible setup (and so making it hard to justify to myself), and b) when I'm spending money on my move to France by the bucket-load? Oh well, nothing's perfect.

Now, if someone designed a courier bag specifically to carry a 12" laptop and an SLR camera, I'd be all over this, but somehow, I'm not holding my breath. :-)

Lastly, before anyone latches on too hard on the subject line, know that I also have a fetish for sunglasses, and a minor one on watches (although I'm skipping out on that one, not just for money reasons, but because of my uneasy relationship with time)... Bonus points if titanium is involved. ;-)

Such a yuppie, I should be ashamed.

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